It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

And you can pretty much add any 90s. R&B farewell anthem.

Over the past two weeks, friends and family have really revealed what they care about, their privilege and their values..

Since I vet and weed out people pretty regularly and easily, not many suprise me. Biggest surprise is my own mother.

I am her caretaker and the primary person that handles stuff for her. However she is not getting my frustration, nor that of the black race. The media isn’t helping but I have a legit frustration and gripes. My friends, other family members and even our former pastor have been good bridges but there is still a ways to go.

It has allowed me to see that some people will never be educated on this and will need to be prayed for. However this is really hurting, both of us.

She sees me as a Jesse Jackson or a violent rioter, which I am not. I simply want to help the Black community seek new and more effective solutions to fight against injustice, prejudice and police brutality. I am a thinking man with a platform and a voice and I want to use that effectively.

I have gained and lost friends since I begin the #imjustdrew journey. Now I’m adding race relations to the palette. I am nervous I won’t lie. But I know with God’s love and conviction, I will not fail

All of this ties in together: connections, social inclusion; mental illness; miseducation and now racial oppression. I like thinking, gathering with like minded individuals and finding long term solutions.

I know I won’t lose my mom forever but just like her need for cigarettes and other vices, I hope she prays and understands I need to do this. It’s medicine to me and others

So continue to pray for me and other Blacks. The mourning is fading and we are ready for action. And I will have to say goodbye to the rest.

#imjustdrew #fromdarknesstosunshine #scaredeyes #BlackLivesMatter


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