Ok it’s gametime!

I am dead serious about coming up with a better action plan to combat police brutality and unfair treatment of black people. Aren’t you all sick and tired of being scared and feeling like you have to riot?

I have spent the last few days of my week off from work brainstorming and devising some effective plans. It’s all good if you feel peaceful protests and riots work. Past the 1970s, I haven’t seen much progress with those.

First of all, if you’re going to come together in large numbers admist a pandemic: VOTE! Not just vote, run for an office. Vote for the offices that control these unfair decisions. Run for the offices and go for the jobs that directly influence these behaviors. It’s time that we really do serve and protect again.

Second, I’ve heard recommendations of a militia/enhanced community watch against these types of acts. No ANIFA doesn’t qualify here. But what can is a group dedicated to protecting, educating and uplifting minorities. Think the Black Panthers. We need these types of groups again. There is absolutely no reason in 2020 that any person should be killed by law enforcement in front of spectators and no one says anything. No way at all.

Also, we have to vet, fill and pay upstanding, effective law enforcement officials. Since the millenia started, there has been a huge turnover and shortage of officers and COs. You get what you pay for and we need resources to develop them and also severe consequences if they step out of pocket.

Lastly, I love how united we are overall! I’ve been preaching this for over 4 years now. It’s finally coming together. Now that more people are on the same page, it’s time we start putting some action and work to end these age old narratives and rhetorics.

Until then, carry on but please be safe. Especially to my fellow blacks. You are still a target, even if they fear you more.

#imjustdrew #fromdarknesstosunshine #scaredeyes


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