Two months in,..

I remember around two months in to my own quarantine story is when reality was starting to set in for me.

It was near Christmas and I wasn’t celebrating Christmas the traditional way. There was no money for gifts or many traditions. I was simply happy to be around my family again that cared for me.

I recently had my car repossessed so I was sharing my mother’s car at the time. I saw that bouncing back wasn’t going to be a thing soon.

I saw that I was going to have to occupy my time by cleaning up, job searching after the New Year and reading.

Most importantly, I learned at a young age that I needed to be healthier, positive and ready for this to happen again at any time. What I see now is that many people think normal will return and that this won’t happen again. They would be wrong on both counts.

I had to control what was currently going on and simply controlling what I could. The days were starting to run together, it seemed no end in sight but I knew that things could change.

One main positive was I got to see my grandmother more often and help her in her invalid stage. She had been sitting around for a while herself ready and praying to die. I wanted her to know I loved her and didn’t want her to let up just yet.

I couldn’t predict what would happen and where. I simply knew I had to dig myself out of this situation slowly and prepare for the next phase of my life.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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