My quarantine story, nearly 20 years away.

As many states slowly make preparations to reopen operations, I think back to 2003 where I was also forced to quarantine without much of a choice, income, or even a stimulus check in a tough economy.

I had many personal issues and had to hit the reset button in life. I had to return home in a cramped room with my belongings. I didn’t have a car, job, or any money. I received EBT so I could still go grocery shopping. I had no internet so I watched TV and I read. A lot. It got to a point I read every book I had and began reading old TV guides.

I wasn’t very active either, got placed on a different medication and gained 70 pounds. I didn’t see many aside for close friends and family.

Sound familar? This also went on for 8 months. I couldn’t find any type of gainful employment.

I was bored and often sad. But it gave me time to self reflect and evaluate. I knew I wanted the next phase of my life to be better than the first half. I had to make certain changes and develop new habits, similar to how our country and world are doing.

Fast forward to present day 2020. I am the one out working an essential job and not at home except for off nights. I feel that moment in 03 prepared me for much of this current experience.

I’ll again say, it’s not gonna last forever. Continue to find productive ways to combat the quarantine, stay encouraged, and remember it always can be worse.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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