Making New Friends and Connections: Back To School Style

The #imjustdrew movement continues. This is a perfect time to talk about something many struggle with: making friends during a new school year (or even new school). It can be a scary and challenging experience. Being that I have been there and have had to start over, I can assist with some of you heading back to school.

1.Plan to get involved. 

This is the easiest way to talk to people, make connections and find common interests. Join some clubs, play a sport, or even participate in a community service project. 

2. Sit somewhere different in your school cafeteria. 

You can broaden your horizons and make yourself known. Don’t be afraid to genuinely chime in on a lunchtime conversation. 

3. Connect with classmates via social media

This can be good for study groups, comparing notes and just keeping in touch. You get more of an idea how they are outside of class. 

4. See what people are doing after class and on the weekend. 

If it’s your scene, be open to a social or simply hanging out. It could just be going to Waffle House after the football game. Show folks that you wanna be sociable, but don’t force yourself on anyone. 

5 . Be friendly and smile. 

It never hurts nor cost a thing to be nice. Simply be cool and genuine and I promise you will find your people, or at least that person. 

Any other suggestions on how you have made friends in the past? 


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