WU Senior Year Part 2

My time as a WU student was winding down. I spent yet another summer working on campus, was going to spend my final semester simply on classes and fun, no extracurriculars. 

The semester before, I met some of my friends for life that I still hang with occasionally. I finally had a group of friends that kept it real and embraced the fact that I do the same. They were the Royal Fam (later the Good Ole Boys). Formed by Mario Washington, I was introduced to them through Marcus and Mario knew me from being around campus. We had several guys in our circle that came and went. Some of the mainstays were Que Kittles, Troy, Horace, Jungle, Rashad (he became down the same reason I did: the crew respected his realness and own sense of style), Wafeeq, Simon, and Jesef. Mario would have younger folk come aboard later. However, these were the original ones, that helped formed and create “The Royal Palace” , a radio show which aired every Wednesday night at 9pm on the campus radio station. Many of us didn’t have a lot of money or even cars. We would go out occasionally to eat, movies, parties, or simply stay in and play cards and talk trash. It felt good to have friends I could depend upon and had my back. 

I have no real regrets about my WU years as a student: they were phenomenal. I became more of a man, made numerous connections and got to experience life. I have had some fun times since I finished 16 years ago. It’s hard to measure up to the WU days. I don’t remember every class I took, or every grade I received. I do remember all of the fun times I had in the Rock. Whenever I go back, it’s home to me..

My #imjustdrew journey continues and is ongoing. However, I wanted to highlight some of the key moments growing up that shaped me the most. Stay tuned for more stories about my social growth, and that of others as well. Also, tune into my Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/drewhouse74 for my vlogs. In have found another audience with those and am working my public speaking muscle again. Stay tuned as I have plenty left in my movement. 



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