Housewares I do not need to buy nor use.

I use many different housewares and accessories when cooking. A visit to my home will display the area where my Ninja Foodi, crockpot, waffle iron and other such accessories are. I also have an Instapot and air fryer but both are in my utility building.

I use many regularly and do own an oven and a traditional grill that I utilize. However there are a few devices that I see no use for.

1. Egg boiler. Umm, excuse me? How crowded is your stove or hot plate that you don’t have space or time to boil a few eggs. I have to question many aspects of your culinary skillset if you cannot boil an egg in the era of YouTube and TikTok.

2. Milkshake machine. Unless you have carpal tunnel and somehow not a blender, there is no real usage for this. I posted in the laniera74 blog last year how to make a milkshake from scratch. I think many folks have gotten spoiled by the ice cream parlor or fast food industry that they cannot make their own milkshakes. This was a skill I’m glad I took to college with me as many ironically didn’t know how to use.

3. Large scale griddle. I say this only because I mostly cook for myself and my mom and we don’t need that much food. I have a small electrical griddle that does the job and is portable. Having something big takes up too much space and is expensive with gas.

4. Deep fryer. I have an air fryer, a Ninja Foodi and an electrical turkey fryer. Plus I can fry things the old fashioned way. This would be a redundant waste for me.

5. Sandwich or quesadilla maker. Ok now we get to the point of if you really need an oven or not. I have so many other resources for making or grilling a sandwich.

I always welcome feedback and do not judge others. Heck some of the housewares I use or can use are already in question. They’re honestly just nice to have. You have to really think if you’re going to need something or just want it because everyone else has it.



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