Spread The Word and the Love

It seems that many of us are so quick to spread hate and criticism, especially when triggered.

What happened to spreading love and happiness?

I have a good friend that’s probably reading this that despite what may not be perfect in her life is always showing love and positivity. She’s in her own garden having fun, hanging with the sunflowers, jumping on trampolines and walking up to 3 miles with her young daughter.

People like her move and inspire me. They make the best parts of themselves open and available without complication. The Russian/Ukraine fracas has really shed light on all of this. This is the time especially while the pandemic is still active to really show that love and affection to all of those around you.

Be sure to really walk that walk, talk that talk. 2021 “action” was my word. This year it’s “consistency”. Love is both an action word and based on consistent and constant actions.

Let’s show consistent love in all we do in our lives, especially in our behavior towards others. Love yourself, respect yourself, and show the same towards others. It sounds simple but others make it hard.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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