2021 Festivus gripes

I have plenty of gripes, mostly as of late. Some are serious, some are comical. I’ll allow my readers to decide the difference.

First, I FULLY expect my tribe and true friends to ensure I get invites to Diner en Blanc, Top Golf and a Friendsgiving.

Second, I’ll continue to call out bs on any situation at least ongoing. Note I won’t call out old nor dead situations nor folks I no longer deal with.

Can we please stop saying “understood the assignment”, “owes me nothing” and most catchphrases from a rapper or celebrity? Where is our creativity.

Stop allowing folks to plan events that are horrible at it or blatantly exclude folks to be petty and spiteful. Some of you won’t get this and that’s okay.

COVID is still around so let’s not give up yet on practicing safe protocols

WU, ok, it’s simple. You didn’t have a Homecoming tailgate this year, attendance at sporting events is down and you want more donations. Whoever is reading this that can get to the powers can be needs to work on making the first happen. The others will fall in line.

If you’re a vibe killer or negative overall, please don’t come around me. I am all about the positive and don’t need that bad energy.

Basically, be good to myself, others, kill the exculsion, talk to me and others like humans, realize we are all humans, and always work on bettering yourself and others.

Stay tuned for my 2021 Holiday Letter!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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