Always Day 1: being able to accept criticism and keep it moving

Amazon’s business model is based on innovation, change and it always being “Day 1.”

This means that regardless of how well things are going, you aren’t afraid to start from scratch or over for sustained success. What is working now may not work in 5 years or less.

Take a lesson fellow business owners and friends.

Jeff Bezos may be heavily scrutinized and criticized. Look at what he’s built and how often many order from Amazon. Prime Week is coming and I’m sure your cart is already “primed” and ready.

Basically criticism and feedback will come your way, even when you don’t ask for it. Don’t shy from it, be open, listen and discrete. You are still in control of your business and destiny. Do not take things personally if someone makes a kind, constructive suggestion.

If you don’t want to grow and like where your business is, that’s fine. It’s not a good idea then to ask for suggestions or to get mad at someone for reasons such as that. You may not know that person’s background. They may have an MBA. They may have a quiet background job as an accountant or marketing consultant. If they have experience and have been there, you may want to listen and take heed.

It is truly always Day 1 in the business world. It may not be for you, but it is for Amazon and other businesses. You may then question why your business isn’t growing or you have the same customers/clientele. Berry Gordy realized this as well at the height of Motown’s success. He had a great following in the Black community. He wanted a great following throughout the world. He made proper adjustments, used his experience working with Ford, and made that happen! You can as well.

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