Harassment is never cool

This is typically one of the greatest months headed into the holidays and the end of the year. While it has had its ups, it definitely is still 2020.

Especially with a certain pandemic and election still going on.

It seems with both of this, people are feeling awfully bold about being disrespectful and harassing to others. Ok everyone isn’t registered nor going to vote. Nope everyone still isn’t going to wear a mask nor maintain 6 feet of social distance.

What doesn’t work is continuing to berate, bully and bug folks about it also. I’m unsure who thought it was a good idea to make cold calls and send texts at 10pm on a weeknight about voting, but they need their tails whipped. Also, there are ways to politely and firmly ensure folks are being safe and complaint. Being a bully or a douchebag will only make things worse. Police know they can’t get onto everyone constantly about speeding and having their seat belts on. Consistent and creative monitoring works best. Think of the Andy v the Barney approach.

Or better yet, that of SC senator hopeful Jaime Harrison. Win or lose, he has been the most relentless promoter and marketer of this entire election season. The best part is he has been visible and not overly aggressive, annoying and not harassing. People can laugh and embrace Harrison’s actions rather than be angered by them.

There are always more ways to skin a cat. Let’s see these out as we work to make each other safe and to achieve a common goal.

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes


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