Why equal representation matters

As I continue to do my part in fighting for racial equality, I’m seeing another microcosm that’s very important as well: equal representation.

This includes in Black-owned businesses, leaders, politicians, football coaches, and teachers.

Also if you’re reading this, please don’t say you’re colorblind and you don’t notice the color of the person nor the owners. You actually may not be prejudiced but others are.

Jane Elliott’s “Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes” experiment really brings this to light. Black people have gone without so much for so long, been dismissed and not well represented in certain aspects.

Listen here friends and associates: why do you think so many Blacks choose to send their children to HBCUs? Moreover, why do you think they want to move out of the South unless it’s Atlanta or Houston, or even to Canada? We as a race get tired of reminders and symbols such as the Confederate flag, Confederate memorials, not seeing yourself or your culture represented.

It shouldn’t have taken until the 90s to make MLK day a federal holiday, and it shouldn’t be 2020 and Juneteenth still isn’t one. There are layers to it and one should have their facts and knowledge together before trying to understand.

I’m with you, I love you even when you hate me or see me as a less of a person. Please understand my daily struggle, and try to think if you were placed in a situation where none of the businesses, teachers, leaders, etc, look like you and represent your culture. I’m willing to bet you would see color then and it would matter who owns the business then.

Time for another angle in #Schoolsinsessiondrew74

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes #BlackLivesMatter


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