5 alarm fires

It seems like every year, or even everyday, we grow up in arms about something or even somebody.

Currently it’s the Cornavirus.

What we have society have done is led the media scare and frighten us again. It would be different if this were all. Many tend to constitute certain things as an emergency or so urgent.

I’m gonna keep this as concise as I can: if it’s not worth waking a person up out of their sleep, it can wait, period. Far as the Cornavirus, the regular flu is much more deadly. So simply wash your hands more often, rest, drink plenty of fluids and be careful what you touch.

It really isn’t rocket science people. The world isn’t ending but it will one day and I see we are far from ready. We need to exercise better judgment and caution during these drills.

And again wash your hands and don’t wake or interrupt anyone unless you have to. The end.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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