2019 Holiday Letter

2019 was good in many ways but of course wasn’t without its setbacks.

Things went really went career wise. In my fourth year with Amazon, I felt I got the respect and praise I was deserved. I received a promotion as a Learning PIT/TDR trainer and moved to a new facility, new city, new shift. It’s been quite a lifestyle change, an overall positive one.

My health is getting better but I have to become more consistent. I had some setbacks that stood in the way. My current schedule is set up to break these barriers down in 2020.

I witnessed several births and made more friends and connections. The strongest ones were through my coffee shop family at Wisefire and Con Cafe. Thomas Dover and Shane Trotter have been God sends for me. They have provided a quality product and even better company.

That said, it was also a year of betrayal. I had to fall back from some long time friends that weren’t as close or as honest as I thought. Just like with death, it hurts but one must keep moving.

I also saw 3 people close to me get married also, my oldest and best friend Bill got remarried, and two of my cousins, Laura and Tony. I wish them all of the best.

Death always hits me hard and often in quantities. I lost my cousin Darryl, my former stepdad Tommy, good family friends in Shine Camp, Nita (Needer) Westmoreland, Clint Fort, Nate Moore, Cindy Walker, Johnboy Walker, and David Hullet, my coworkers Mr. James King and Kris McKane, my high school teammate Mark Striewing, and my aunt Nellie Batchler.

There were many milestones and not just my career advancement. My aunt Aileen turned 80 and we had a great celebration for her in lieu of the family reunion, which I have decided to step away from, my uncle Darnell turned 60 and he allowed us to let him celebrate. Several of my friends and family reached the 4-0 age.

I also learned how to coupon and did pretty well. I plan on doing it more and achieving those huge hauls you see on the Internet and YouTube.

One of the biggest milestones was my mother. She is still ailing and struggling in some ways. However she is getting the help, medically and financially, that she needs. Plus she made the trip with me to Anderson twice to see her brother. That was very touching to me.

I see a lot of promise as we enter a New Year and decade. I see a lot of increase and more promotion in my life.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and overall Happy Holidays to all!!!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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