10 Year Challenge

The viral 10 year challenge has given not only the CIA a chance to update its databases, it has given many lots of nostalgia and a chance to look back.

For me, I’m proud of my last ten years. Plenty of highs and lows and a lot of highs:

1. Seeing the age of 40

2. Being in better physical shape and having better skin and a regimen to keep me healthy

3 Changing jobs with a chance to advance

4. Becoming an author

5. Being able to travel and provide myself and my mom with necessities and material possessions.

6. Having two blogs.

7. Building strong networks on social media and in real life.

8. Steady Improvement in every area of my life

9. Valuing family and friendship now more than ever.

10. Gaining wisdom and experience necessary for the next 10 years.

With the longest government shutdown in history, hamberders, R. Kelly, continuous rain, the Patriots going to the Super Bowl again, the challenge is something positive for everyone. At least no one is eating Tide Pods or trying to jump out of a moving car.

So continue to be positive and try for the great comeback that Soulja Boy was talking about!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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