R. Kelly needs to be addressed all the way around.

Ok unless you weren’t born or have been under a rock, you are well aware of the lack of the moral and mental capacity of R&B singer R. Kelly.

The two main narratives is that certain people in society can get away with darned near anything, and that black girls get molested and sexually abused far too often.

This isn’t to say it doesn’t happen to other little girls or to boys. R. Kelly is the main focus because he has been doing this for so long and has somehow gotten away with this. The victims and others are now speaking out.

I would really like to see more than his music boycotted or his music being played now more than ever. I think I speak for many others when I say it’s time that R. Kelly gets his just desserts and serves time. Many men have been exposed due to the #MeToo movement. Let’s get R. Kelly also please.

More than this, we have to care for the victims and the PTSD that they are suffering from reliving this. This also applies to other victims of this sick crime that were molested or touched inappropriately as a child by a family member, uncle, aunt, etc. It is a problem far bigger than the border wall that has the government shut down.

Putting away Robert Kelly isn’t as hard as everyone is making it appear. Getting these victims the proper help is the bigger battle. This is a serious matter and needs to be addressed. We cannot have our little girls getting touched and urinated upon. Victims also do not need to feel ashamed. This is 2019 and we need to put aside any idolation towards a musical superstar or a force and get down to the real issues.

#imjustdrew is covering many issues this year. Community and such will still be stressed as this applies here also. It’s difficult for abuse to exist in a healthy, clean, protective environment. You will see me finding sources and topics relevant to my upcoming books and talks. We must feel comfortable talking about this subject and others and ending it.

I’m tired of it but in reality we need more R. Kelly type documentaries, if the agenda is proper.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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