Noo just noo, friends don’t do that

This could apply to many things. However if you call yourself my friend and do the following, then do yourself a solid and don’t communicate with me.

Ok cyberbullying has come up again, this time someone came at me. I don’t care if they’re reading this, they have been addressed. It is perfectly fine to kid and joke around. But when it goes to badmouthing, slander, spreading lies, and simply picking on someone for deficiencies, that crosses the line. At that point, you are not a friend to me or anyone you do that too.

Parents, please teach your children both sides of this. Don’t partake in any form of bullying, but don’t tolerate it either. It is textbook, it has been going on long enough and it is real. Anyone that doesn’t subscribe to this can also go.

Now I’m not being hypersensitive or trying to run anyone off. I just tire of double standards and lies. Yes I promote unity, friendship and connections. But remember because I experience things like this gives me insight and motivates me to look for solutions rather than problems.

Finally, realize when something is simply off and get far away from it. And be apart of the problem rather than the solution.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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