High School Football: Not Only a Love Of Mine,…

I continue with my back to school series of my #imjustdrew movement. Without question, I was influenced the most as a young, shy teen by playing and watching high school football. It shaped me into the person I am today and helped me in so many aspects of my life, especially socially. 

I love going to high school games more than just to watch the good athletes, student sections, smell the delicious concession stand food and of course that freshly cut grass. It is watching those young men participate in something bigger than themselves and also mold themselves into men. 

The entire sport has taken a blow due to less tackling in practice, increased natural exposure and of course long term CTE. However, coached and played properly, I don’t know of a better sport. It’s something special about this time of year. Teenagers become hometown and school heroes, underdogs gain confidence, and the spirit is sky high. 

High school football, and simply the entire sport, helped me to see teamwork in action, as well as unity, fairplay, determination and hard work. I was already competitive and the longer I played, the better I became. 

I’m just so glad Blacksburg High School and my coaches gave me the opportunity to play and grow. I still carry many lessons from those days into my daily adult life. 

So if you need an activity to involve your child into, don’t turn away football just yet. It could be more beneficial than you can imagine. 



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