High School: Prelude to a Socialite

My high school years (grades 9-12) were when I came out of my shell and became the socialite I am now. 9th grade was probably the toughest year, and then 10th grade was when things started turning around.

OK let’s go back to how my summers in the country typically were. I usually didn’t see many kids from my school except at the local creek or in Vacation Bible Church. I didn’t spend the night away from home until the summer before seventh grade. A couple of summers later, I went on a church camping trip.

But the year 1993 was when the cocoon was developing internally and starting to break.

Not only did my mother get married and moved us into a new home, I stayed in a hotel for the first time in my life (yes I was sheltered just in case you’re just catching up) as I went with the FFA to the state convention at Clemson University. That was a fun few days that gave me more experience and confidence. Also that was the year I decided to give football a try. That was hands down probably the best decision I made during my high school football years.

This meant that during that summer, I would see more of my classmates/teammates as I trained at the school in the weight room for the upcoming season. This was obviously much different than playing in the yard and woods or sitting on the couch watching TV reruns.

My first year on the junior varsity squad was quite a learning experience. I haven’t ever been a good athlete (and I particularly wasn’t then). I had to learn how to channel my aggression and learn the game. Football was much more than Techmo Super Bowl, and I would need to focus more harder if I were to be better, and eventually earn playing time.

Nonetheless, my confidence and morale were both growing and peaking properly. I was now in a good position for what the remainder of high school, and life, had for me.



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