Elementary My Dear Drew

Elementary school years (1st-3rd) were when I developed my intellect more, and other peers and teachers took note. I even had the opportunity to skip a grade, but neither myself nor my mom were in favor of it. This spawned more resentment and jealously from the other kids, black, white, rich, poor and in between.

You see, I didn’t have a lot of money, a father, wasn’t in Cub Scouts or sports. I stuttered, was extremely shy and was simply awkward. I had a couple of friends, but wasn’t popular by any means. I wish I could say it got better but those days and years were far ahead.

Those years were also tough as I lost my grandpa Frosty when I was in second grade. My mom suffered a nervous breakdown which she didn’t fully recover from for a couple of years. In her mental state, I wasn’t even allowed to have playdates or go to anyone’s house. My confidence was shattered and I didn’t know what was going on.

It seemed outside of a few people, the only friends I had were my animals, my books and my toys. 

1988, I changed schools again to begin fourth grade. I faced greater challenges.



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