You Can’t Do That!

OK first welcome to my new home. I will still keep and update my blogspot blog. However, due to changes in settings by Blogger, going with WordPress is a better choice for my overall writing progress.

Now saying that, Iet’s talk about others that find ways to move forward despite insurmountable odds.

This month is all about the underdog as this is the NCAA basketball tournament or “March Madness. The madness comes when lower seeds win against teams that are more high profile and continue to impress and capture the nation’s attention. I wrote about Cinderellas four years ago on my other blog.

Life imitates March Madness in that people may judge us for various reasons and doubt our capabilities. It could be gender, race, background, or even credentials listed on paper. But not unlike Cinderellas, no one can judge a person’s heart, desire and determination.

Success is up to that individual, and their drive and motivation. One must have a purpose, set goals, and work towards this destination. I keep this in mind as I work my day job, try to progress in the literary world, and train for a marathon. It is a march for me, but I know my heart and desire, and I will go down scrapping.

Therefore, live a good balanced life, allowing for rest, stress relief and fun. Then continue striving for your dreams and goals. Devise your own plan , and follow the ones of other successful folks.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t succeed! It’s mind over matter.

What are your short and long term goals? Do you have a flexible plan to reach these goals?


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