It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

And you can pretty much add any 90s. R&B farewell anthem.

Over the past two weeks, friends and family have really revealed what they care about, their privilege and their values..

Since I vet and weed out people pretty regularly and easily, not many suprise me. Biggest surprise is my own mother.

I am her caretaker and the primary person that handles stuff for her. However she is not getting my frustration, nor that of the black race. The media isn’t helping but I have a legit frustration and gripes. My friends, other family members and even our former pastor have been good bridges but there is still a ways to go.

It has allowed me to see that some people will never be educated on this and will need to be prayed for. However this is really hurting, both of us.

She sees me as a Jesse Jackson or a violent rioter, which I am not. I simply want to help the Black community seek new and more effective solutions to fight against injustice, prejudice and police brutality. I am a thinking man with a platform and a voice and I want to use that effectively.

I have gained and lost friends since I begin the #imjustdrew journey. Now I’m adding race relations to the palette. I am nervous I won’t lie. But I know with God’s love and conviction, I will not fail

All of this ties in together: connections, social inclusion; mental illness; miseducation and now racial oppression. I like thinking, gathering with like minded individuals and finding long term solutions.

I know I won’t lose my mom forever but just like her need for cigarettes and other vices, I hope she prays and understands I need to do this. It’s medicine to me and others

So continue to pray for me and other Blacks. The mourning is fading and we are ready for action. And I will have to say goodbye to the rest.

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Ok it’s gametime!

I am dead serious about coming up with a better action plan to combat police brutality and unfair treatment of black people. Aren’t you all sick and tired of being scared and feeling like you have to riot?

I have spent the last few days of my week off from work brainstorming and devising some effective plans. It’s all good if you feel peaceful protests and riots work. Past the 1970s, I haven’t seen much progress with those.

First of all, if you’re going to come together in large numbers admist a pandemic: VOTE! Not just vote, run for an office. Vote for the offices that control these unfair decisions. Run for the offices and go for the jobs that directly influence these behaviors. It’s time that we really do serve and protect again.

Second, I’ve heard recommendations of a militia/enhanced community watch against these types of acts. No ANIFA doesn’t qualify here. But what can is a group dedicated to protecting, educating and uplifting minorities. Think the Black Panthers. We need these types of groups again. There is absolutely no reason in 2020 that any person should be killed by law enforcement in front of spectators and no one says anything. No way at all.

Also, we have to vet, fill and pay upstanding, effective law enforcement officials. Since the millenia started, there has been a huge turnover and shortage of officers and COs. You get what you pay for and we need resources to develop them and also severe consequences if they step out of pocket.

Lastly, I love how united we are overall! I’ve been preaching this for over 4 years now. It’s finally coming together. Now that more people are on the same page, it’s time we start putting some action and work to end these age old narratives and rhetorics.

Until then, carry on but please be safe. Especially to my fellow blacks. You are still a target, even if they fear you more.

#imjustdrew #fromdarknesstosunshine #scaredeyes

Wait for it, please

Whew doggy I predicted this too well.

Hanging out with friends is cool but not at large gatherings and not during a pandemic. Not yet.

I won’t lie, I hung with a small group of friends a week ago. But we were also safe. We were outdoors, limited physical interaction and kept our distance. At least 3 of us have high risk parents so we took that in consideration.

The foolery I have witnessed from this weekend in Atlanta, GA, Union and Myrtle Beach, SC is proof positive of why each state must do well calculated phases regarding reopening.

Many have separation anxiety right now and simply long for a hug or touch. But if you rush it due to greed or simply impatience, bedlam will ensue. It is impossible to police every area but you can’t give too many opportunities.

I have already seen traffic getting heavier also. Folks have to realize we are not out of this pandemic by far. Hospitals can simply accommodate more patients. We still must be safe.

Therefore, when we are on lockdown again, you can’t blame China or the government this time. Some blame should be placed on yourselves.

#imjustdrew #fromdarknesstosunshine #scaredeyes

Two months in,..

I remember around two months in to my own quarantine story is when reality was starting to set in for me.

It was near Christmas and I wasn’t celebrating Christmas the traditional way. There was no money for gifts or many traditions. I was simply happy to be around my family again that cared for me.

I recently had my car repossessed so I was sharing my mother’s car at the time. I saw that bouncing back wasn’t going to be a thing soon.

I saw that I was going to have to occupy my time by cleaning up, job searching after the New Year and reading.

Most importantly, I learned at a young age that I needed to be healthier, positive and ready for this to happen again at any time. What I see now is that many people think normal will return and that this won’t happen again. They would be wrong on both counts.

I had to control what was currently going on and simply controlling what I could. The days were starting to run together, it seemed no end in sight but I knew that things could change.

One main positive was I got to see my grandmother more often and help her in her invalid stage. She had been sitting around for a while herself ready and praying to die. I wanted her to know I loved her and didn’t want her to let up just yet.

I couldn’t predict what would happen and where. I simply knew I had to dig myself out of this situation slowly and prepare for the next phase of my life.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes

My quarantine story, nearly 20 years away.

As many states slowly make preparations to reopen operations, I think back to 2003 where I was also forced to quarantine without much of a choice, income, or even a stimulus check in a tough economy.

I had many personal issues and had to hit the reset button in life. I had to return home in a cramped room with my belongings. I didn’t have a car, job, or any money. I received EBT so I could still go grocery shopping. I had no internet so I watched TV and I read. A lot. It got to a point I read every book I had and began reading old TV guides.

I wasn’t very active either, got placed on a different medication and gained 70 pounds. I didn’t see many aside for close friends and family.

Sound familar? This also went on for 8 months. I couldn’t find any type of gainful employment.

I was bored and often sad. But it gave me time to self reflect and evaluate. I knew I wanted the next phase of my life to be better than the first half. I had to make certain changes and develop new habits, similar to how our country and world are doing.

Fast forward to present day 2020. I am the one out working an essential job and not at home except for off nights. I feel that moment in 03 prepared me for much of this current experience.

I’ll again say, it’s not gonna last forever. Continue to find productive ways to combat the quarantine, stay encouraged, and remember it always can be worse.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes

Music hasn’t been taken away yet

Everyday it seems this COVID-19 causes something else to be deemed non essential or something that’s harder to obtain. You can’t go out after a certain time, many businesses are closed and many cannot even go to work.

However, music is still around.

The radio is still strong, terrestrial and satellite radio. Also, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify still exist. There are many local DJs and musicians doing virtual shows.

We are honestly being forced to utilize more technology for entertainment. It is uniting us and many cannot see it. I’m glad that music cannot be taken away as our world recovers.

Think about this when you don’t have anything else to do but get on Tik Tok or watch Tiger King. It’s not Carol Baskin’s fault you can’t listen to the music you choose.

Therefore, hold your own concert!

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Will this change us?

We are currently in one of the most hyped pandemics in the modern era. Sports, schools, and many activities are postponed and canceled. Many people have took to ransacking supermarkets in preparation for quarantines.

I often speak on how people get caught up in hype and the moment and we are seeing it in live action. In a month or so when the virus is contained and we go back to our normal lives, what will we do?

Here what we should do.

We should be more thankful, stay more prepared, be cleaner in every aspect of life, and value each other more. Isolation and such should make us reflect as we do every New Year.

How long will it be and how much will it take for change to currently come? The next crisis or disease will come and it will be the same thing again.

Let’s beat the narrative and finally learn.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes

5 alarm fires

It seems like every year, or even everyday, we grow up in arms about something or even somebody.

Currently it’s the Cornavirus.

What we have society have done is led the media scare and frighten us again. It would be different if this were all. Many tend to constitute certain things as an emergency or so urgent.

I’m gonna keep this as concise as I can: if it’s not worth waking a person up out of their sleep, it can wait, period. Far as the Cornavirus, the regular flu is much more deadly. So simply wash your hands more often, rest, drink plenty of fluids and be careful what you touch.

It really isn’t rocket science people. The world isn’t ending but it will one day and I see we are far from ready. We need to exercise better judgment and caution during these drills.

And again wash your hands and don’t wake or interrupt anyone unless you have to. The end.

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Rebuilding like I-85

I knew I was going to write a post on this as soon as I saw the meme.

In short, it’s about the ongoing construction on I-85 in South Carolina for years: affecting everything from work commutes to certain businesses. The local Waffle House in Blacksburg was forced to close and relocate at a later date TBA.

Point is, 85 is improving and often doesn’t care who is inconvenienced or even thinks about it much as long as traffic can flow somehow.

This sounds pompous and arrogant but many of us in our lives are in a rebuilding, construction process. Only thing is few of us take it seriously enough to stop worrying about others, especially when it’s not their problem.

Make definite goals, focus on the steps and mini goals it takes to get to the outcome and block out petty distractions. Also remember like 85, you will never be fully complete.There will be milestones but you have to maintain the level that you achieved.

One sign I haven’t seen on a highway ever is “construction complete.” It should be your mentality also. Keep building, planning, moving and improving.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes

Suprise, surprise!

This isn’t reference to any Valentine’s Day gifts either.

We have had quite the week far as suprises in weather, award shows, TV series finales, and even the behavior of others.

The point here is that suprises can be opportunities and setbacks. We can use them for both and learn. Some don’t like suprises but they keep us on our toes and keep us prepared.

I was reminded this weekend how unprepared I really am in certain facets of my life. I have used this weekend to refocus and make necessary changes for the coming week and moving forward. I am doing what I can to make an extra hour or two/day for certain things, which will help. I am also factoring in other elements, including weather.

Point is, use these surprises to make you better and stay prepared. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes