Self-Care in the form of art and painting

Before Sip and Paint events and the likes were popular, many thought you had to be Picasso to create a masterpiece or paint between the lines.

Now a certain natural born talent and skillset is expected to birth a masterpiece. However one can still be creative and release stress.

I recall doing some painting in my early years and my uncle and cousin were into painting model cars. I can now see why.

I participated in painting miniatures at Wisefire this past Friday and maan! That was so relaxing. It felt like I was doing yoga and getting a massage. All of my energy was focused on painting that figure. I’m blessed my hands are still steady enough to be able to do this. Beyond that, I did not realize how thereaputic art is.

I used to be intimidated by many of the painting events I saw. Now I want to try them all. I need all of the peace and tranquility I can see.

I highly recommend it for all!

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Reviews: Bridgerton v WW84

Ok being at home on vacation for the last few weeks, I’ve been watching a lot of shows and movies. Two of the most hyped and acclaimed are WW84 and Bridgerton and I see why.

To start off, one company showed what the audience and even the producer wanted; the other dared to be different.

I’m going to make this clear: WW84 is NOT a bad movie. It just had way too much of a slow period, was too much like an origin and the action was there but fans were already bored by then. This said, it’s for the fan that sees the deeper messages and what’s to come. We see who’s playing Asteria, some good lessons and redemptions, how cheesy the 80s can be, and finally Cheetah. DC wanted to tell an in depth story and they did. However often one must realize if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. They have finally been on the right track and now they will need to return to the lab for a better balance in part 3.

Shonda Rhimes sure knows the meaning of not trying to recreate the wheel and her audience with Bridgerton. It’s everything she wanted to do on ABC for 20 years plus add in the good love story in a period drama. If you’re a fan of her work and know her flow, then you won’t be surprised either way. In subsequent seasons, you won’t be surprised either. She saw that she needed another hit, Netflix is really capturing her demographic, it’s the end of the year and more folks are at home. Love or hate her work, she nailed it! She has a template and does not deviate from it.

So there you have it. Stay focused on what you know and what works. Also take heed when switching up on your audience. It can be easy to lose them and hard to regain them.

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2020 Holiday Letter

2020, wow, enough said!

I, like many others, didn’t think I would be distanced from so many people and activities I regularly enjoy. Aside from a mountain trip and possible excursion to Charleston, vacations were halted also. However, this year still had plenty of positives for me.

I welcomed more dogs and cats into my life to give the existing ones company. I didn’t see many prior to COVID and it’s good to have them and love them as my own family.

Personally and professionally, I feel things have gotten deeper and tighter. The racial, political and social injustice that has been 2020 has seen a lot of people keeping more than 6 feet away from me. I am speaking out and educating more folks about this and why it is still tough for a person of color. I am keeping myself safe and following CDC guidelines. Finally, it feels good to have a change of guard at the executive office (bye Trump) and hopefully the Georgia senate run-off can help with change as well.

I celebrated my 5th year working for Amazon and 25th year overall. I transferred in September from being a Learning Trainer in Charlotte to being a Delivery Driver Trainer in Greenville. I feel really blessed to be in a much more relaxed atmosphere, back in Upstate SC and still able to train others.

This is also my 10th year of blogging and my 20th anniversary of graduating from Winthrop University.

Two of my best friends reached milestones as well. My friend Rashad turned the big 4-0 and his son graduated high school and is a freshman at the College of Charleston. My friend Bill and his wife Felicia finally have their home and are getting it fixed up for a housewarming party and to live in.

My mom finally has her financial and medical situations at a good place. Finding psychiatric assistance in this area is still a challenge but we won’t give up. Home improvements have been slow but we are also not giving up there.

My uncle Kenny decided due to medical reasons to voluntarily step down from his role as a trustee for Anderson City jail and is back in the prison system. We did to have a brief visit with him before he moved. He has less privileges but is resting more.

I’m happy not only for Black-owned business that have survived 2020 but also small businesses in general. The one I frequent the most is Wisefire Cafe. Despite obstacles, they have thrived, made renovations to expand the place and even bring on a part-time barista. The town of Blacksburg was able to do some safe activities such as two carnivals and an adjusted Iron City Festival to help out the town. Gaffney did similar activities.

My own health is overall good but I have adjustments to make so I can be my best self inside and out. Keep praying for me because it is working.

I said goodbye to some that have been close to me: my aunt Sybel and my cousin Barbara Childers and other relatives I wasn’t acquainted with.

It’s indeed been a different year with Zoom meetings for business and pleasure, staying at home more often and watching more TV and reading more than I have in years. I continued to be blessed as always and am optimistic that things will look up.

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays as I want to cover every December holiday and not just Christmas.

Missing the Forest for the trees.

Can you believe this nightmarish of a year only has about 30 something days left?

That said, one lesson we should take away is not to miss the forest for the trees. I’m seeing a lot of people not seeing the big picture.

I finally got to get my coveted day trip to the mountains this weekend. I enjoyed the fresh air and scenery. When I was enroute home, I had a fresh view of the WNC mountains and it was awesome. Some ugly trees were in the way. It would have been so easy for me to focus on those trees but I did not. I had a slice of Heaven on my passenger side and loved it!

I posted a meme of a couple with an insane amount of food on their bed that stated “Would You Like This Type Of Date?”. It was referring to a stay at home date opposed to going out. So many people were focused on that food that will be larger than some Thanksgiving spreads this week.

I had to shake my head at how much I have seen this. It’s easy to get distracted by irrevalant details. We simply need to be bigger picture folks and see the point.

Many people could benefit from this and the world would be kinder and easier to live in. Enjoy your forest!

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On my BS

We have had one crazy week. Summer part 8, Election Day part 5 (and counting), all of my sports teams won, and my BP took its once per decade spike.

It’s a good time to get on my BS with all of this horror movie pettiness.

Biden won’t finish his term but he will get a lot more accomplished than people think. To all those that voted this year, maintain that energy for 2022 if you want the legislative branch to remain the same or sway in your favor. Biden is only one person: he and Kamala need help.

That said, Jaime Harrison has gotten a lot of attention. When Biden chooses his cabinet, I don’t think he’s going to forget that

Many of my WU folks will create their own alternate virtual Homecoming. Even if it’s just a few of us getting up at Empire or even one of the spots White Horse was at.

I will eventually get my mountain day trip before it gets too cold.

When I re enter the dating pool, many of these women that have curved me will stalk me

The Ninja Foodi grill is gonna change my cooking life!

This month I’m cutting down the year long honey-do list of mine

The social calendar is filling back up but I am turning down more invites as COVID is still around

I will find a way to deep fry my turkey since I’m not househopping this year

Someone will offer to give me a pig

I will win at least one of my fantasy football leagues this year

I will have Firesticks in both of my rooms and will have a Baby Yoda doll

My second book will win myself some awards in 2021

I will finally be in a relationship on my birthday in 2021

I will catch COVID but fortunately there will be a treatment by then

Don’t take all of this seriously

I plan on another career move, stay tuned!


Regardless of Tuesday

Many people across the country are anxious, edgy and just plain ridiculous about Tuesday’s presidential election results.

Don’t get me wrong, I am as well. I am just more at peace than many others.

Here are some things that will happen and not happen once the election results are in

We are not going into slavery. Please stop saying that

None of you are leaving the country in droves. We can’t even travel to many places at the moment because of COVID.

You aren’t going to lose nor gain any more money than you have now

Our Almighty God is still on the throne. Don’t lose your faith.

Work now, not June of 2024 to devise a better voting system than this crooked Electoral College. There is absolutely no reason we should be doing this two party, lesser of two evils nonsense.

There. I said it. Now relax, you can live. Also to my people of color. Despite what the current POTUS says, he nor the newly appointed SCOTUS has direct control over police brutality and law enforcement training. Please educate yourselves.

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Harassment is never cool

This is typically one of the greatest months headed into the holidays and the end of the year. While it has had its ups, it definitely is still 2020.

Especially with a certain pandemic and election still going on.

It seems with both of this, people are feeling awfully bold about being disrespectful and harassing to others. Ok everyone isn’t registered nor going to vote. Nope everyone still isn’t going to wear a mask nor maintain 6 feet of social distance.

What doesn’t work is continuing to berate, bully and bug folks about it also. I’m unsure who thought it was a good idea to make cold calls and send texts at 10pm on a weeknight about voting, but they need their tails whipped. Also, there are ways to politely and firmly ensure folks are being safe and complaint. Being a bully or a douchebag will only make things worse. Police know they can’t get onto everyone constantly about speeding and having their seat belts on. Consistent and creative monitoring works best. Think of the Andy v the Barney approach.

Or better yet, that of SC senator hopeful Jaime Harrison. Win or lose, he has been the most relentless promoter and marketer of this entire election season. The best part is he has been visible and not overly aggressive, annoying and not harassing. People can laugh and embrace Harrison’s actions rather than be angered by them.

There are always more ways to skin a cat. Let’s see these out as we work to make each other safe and to achieve a common goal.

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The Greatest Month and keeping it great

Yeah October is supposed to be awesome. However Trump is dominating the headlines, giving the Proud Boys attention and my weekends are getting occupied.

We’re still in a pandemic but this feels more and more normal.

Fall, leaves changing, going to the mountains, Halloween, football, basketball and baseball. I’m voting early this Friday and I love the weather. I don’t need to let politicians that have very little bearing on my life control me.

I’m ready for all of the feels and to keep things clean, fun, and organized. It’s gonna be great!

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes

4th quarter

Well the final quarter of 2020 is upon us.

We still have the upcoming election, three of the major holidays of the year, Fall, and then Winter. Not to mention flu season along with COVID.

It seems while we are far from normalcy, many are adjusting well as the summer of torture is behind us and we have a chance for more optimism.

One should still be safe and careful regarding the pandemic. Don’t throw away your masks yet. Be positive and encouraging throughout this time.

Lastly continue to fight for what you believe in, love each other and remember it takes all of us to succeed in life in general.

I haven’t been on in a while due to positive changes in my life. I hope that will change and will drive hard towards the end of this weird 2020.

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes #BlackLivesMatter

Embracing the Black American experience

Note the double entendre.

Tomorrow is 9/11, Patriot’s Day. We all remember when and where we were on this tragic day. It has become a microcosm of what this entire year has been.

I wish that people would embrace the Black experience and have more sympathy as they did in the weeks following 9/11.

Many do not get why Blacks have a conflicted relationship with the country and patriotism. America, especially certain parts, has not been the best to most minorities. Blacks have been the latest target over the past few years.

To me, anyone that believes contrary is arguing with themselves. Period. There is no good excuse for inhumanity. Please educate yourselves,have these tough conversations and truly embrace your fellow Americans as you did shortly after 9/11.

Lastly we only need to force love and compassion on each other. Let blacks suffer and express themselves in constructive manners. Holidays such as 4th of July, Flag Day, and the National Anthem will then hold more weight then.

We have already had a 9/11 type of year. I’m unsure what else it’s going to take to get that we are all human beings and simply want to get treated as such.

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes #BlackLivesMatter